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Pilotage, Management, Comptabilite et Valorisation des Immateriels

Your value oriented organisation 

Transform your Vision, your Objectives, Strategies, Plans and Actions in valued assets

Who are we

A non profit association, whose goal is to promote the accounting and reporting of intangibles and intellectual capital... And as a consequence, to provide to all kind of audiences (investors, shareholders, stakeholders...)  the way to recognize the entities, enterprises or individuals intangible assets; both on the economic, legal and accounting systems, within financial and management aspects.

Our Vision

We think that it is today, possible to manage a company, enterprise, association, city, region, state or nation thru intangible capital using a common financial/accounting and management approach. The usage of the same criteria allows to determine  the objectives and measure the achievements ; and as a consequence represent the value of the assets.

Intangible assets:

  • Customer

  • Human

  • Organisational

  • ​Information Systems

  • Knowledge

  • Brand, domain names

  • Partnership

  • ​Shareholder

  • ​Societal 

  • Natural​

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