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Alan Fustec

How to create an integrated management system with the intangible capital approach?

Organizational capital is one of the important intangible assets of the company. For a long time, companies have been improving this organizational capital by adding numerous standards, norms and processes (quality, safety, environment, supply chain, lean, CSR, etc.). When an integrated management system exists in the company, it is generally used to help the QSE manager and the QSE auditors to work together. But there is no integration of the rules of the game for managers. Thus, for example, to know the instructions to follow, a buyer is often obliged to go and read the Quality, CSR, Lean, Supply Chain etc. manuals, not to mention the regulatory requirements… Which he does not always do. 

This Webinar offers a solution to create an Integrated Management System for everyone.


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Web conference with Zoom on 7th July 9:00 

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Pilotage de la performance

Pilotage de la performance

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