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Founding members

(alphabetical order)

Frédéric Bascunana,

Arnaud Bergero,

Maud Bodin Veraldi,

Dominique Chambery,

Daniel Delorge,

Alan Fustec,

Jean-Manuel Gaget,

Yves Lapierre,

Christophe Le Cornec,

Saliha Mariet

Marc Michen,

Henri Verrier 


Our vision

We think that it is today, possible to manage a company, enterprise, association, city, region, state or nation thru intangible capital using a common financial/accounting and management approach. The usage of the same criteria allows to determine  the objectives and measure the achievements ; and as a consequence represent the value of the assets. 

Wether you are a manager or CxO, and you wish to drive the intangible capital of your organisation, or an investor looking for ways to determine the true financial value of intangibles, or any other person  interested  in better managing or evaluating using intangibles; the Institut de la Comptabilité de l'Immatériel propose to fulfill your expectations. The research work already done and the ongoing projects will provide you with concrete solutions to do this, using Thesaurus Capital Intangible methodology, and will also allow you to make a link between extra financial valuation and financial valuation. As a matter, your Vision, your Objectivess, Strategies, Plans and Actions will transform naturally in valued Assets.

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