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- Thesaurus Capital Intangible, is available for members since 2019

- Becoming a member, this is free of charge and done within a few clicks using     

   Register/Connect page

   The advantages ?

  • Having access to the unique tool for measuring Intangible Capital, in the latest version : Thesaurus Capital Intangible and be trained.This is the most used methodology nowadays in France: 2000 users. 

  • Learn and share with other users of the methodology and experts on the method and various topics  thru: Meetups or joint sessions, training, annual meeting and regular exchanges with other members.

  • Apply the knowledge to progress in measuring your intangible capital and value of your organisation.

  • Last but not least, participate and promote the usage of intangibles measuring, in France and abroad, defining a better governance.

- Exchanges on social networks.

- Interviews and testimonies.

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